In every true gamer lies a potential game developer. As gamers ourselves we poured our passion and love for gaming into game development. We cover every step of the process, starting from game design, pre-production, production phase, testing, post-production and release of the game. While work is important, having fun while developing video games is what makes GD ENTERTAINMENT best choice for you! With us, the fun can never go extinct!


Production is the most important aspect of game development and we cover everything that you would need. From artists capable of creating full artwork (concept art, 3D models, animation…), programmers writing source codes, game designers creating game rules and levels of the game, sound engineers that develop sound effects and play with voiceover artists, composers that compose music and writers creating completely new worlds for the game. Our talented team is ready to tackle any challenge thrown at us.


GROM – Get Rid Of Minions

Mobile maze game

Find different paths to victory

Leaderboard race to the top

Skull port

Mobile maze game

Addictive and fun

Leaderboard race to the top


Mobile runner game

Use logic to overcome obstacles

Leaderboard race to the top

Happy Infective Bacterias

Mobile color match game

Match colors to cure various bacteria

Leaderboard race to the top

Bad Royal

Mobile match 3 game

Beautiful artwork and fun gameplay

Leaderboard race to the top

Primordials: Battle of Gods

Developed for WIREGAMES

1v1 online battle arena

Multiple champions, units, and tactics



GD ENTERTAINMENT is a Croatian game development company founded in 2018. Passion for video games brought a few of us together and with our knowledge and experience, we went hard and straight into game development. Every day brings us new challenges, and challenges are what keeps us moving forward. The things we love are the things we do. GD ENTERTAINMENT is a place where ideas become a reality and where fun can never go extinct.

Domagoj-Ante Sulić
Domagoj-Ante SulićProduceer, CEO & Founder
Zoran Đurović
Zoran Đurovićco-Producer
Ivan Ferenčak
Ivan FerenčakLead Game Designer
Arton Glocke
Arton GlockeExternal Consultant
Dario Uroić
Dario Uroić2D Artist
Alen Keserović
Alen Keserović3D Character Artist
Hrvoje Kordić
Hrvoje KordićGame Designer and Writer
Mislav Kuleš
Mislav KulešGame Designer
Ivan Glavinović
Ivan GlavinovićUnreal Developer, AI
Marko Cavalli
Marko CavalliVFX Developer
Darko Gotal
Darko GotalAnimator
Maja Korlević
Maja KorlevićConcept Artist
Alen Mušić
Alen Mušić3D Generalist
Dino Kurelović
Dino KurelovićUnreal Developer, SFX
Filip Dobrinić
Filip DobrinićUnreal Developer

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