We are proud to announce our newest title developed in association with WIREGAMES, Primordials of Amiryon!

It is an all-new, tug-of-war multiplayer online battle arena featuring upgradeable Primordials, champions, minions, and more.
One will rise, many will fall!
Primordials of Amiryon charges you with commanding a large scale 1v1 battle and employing various strategies to crush opposing players in unique tug-of-war gameplay that emphasizes macro over micro. Join us at InfoGamer in Zagreb, Croatia, from November 12th to November 17th and check out the game in-person! You will be able to try out extremely early pre-alpha gameplay, be the first to get hands-on with the game, receive awesome swag, and contribute to a title in the first stages of development, long before anyone else will play the game.

Watch the Primordials of Amiryon - Announce Trailer here

Primordials of Amiryon features

  • Lord Over Land - Battle for control of the realm without the tedium of dictation. It's macro over micro.
  • Choose Your Path - Upgrade Primordials, champions, minions and towers to directly counter an opponent's army.
  • Battle of Wit and Will - Test your mettle in 1v1 duels. No teammates can steal glory or bring your great name to shame.
  • Bolster Forces - Unleash devastating activatable abilities in support of valiant minions marching into a brutal war of attrition.
  • Manage Resources - Spend resources early and go for the killing blow, or build up an economy in an effort to overwhelm the long-game.

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Come visit us at Reboot InfoGamer 2019

Zagreb, Croatia

"Primordials" Has Arrived!

We're happy to announce that our latest title developed in association with WIREGAMES, Primordials of Amiryon, will be presented for the first time at Reboot InfoGamer 2019! The game is early in development and a work in progress, and we're hoping to gain feedback from the gamer community. We couldn't have hoped for a better place for the announcement than our hometown and one of the biggest annual gaming conventions in Europe.

Primordials is a tug-of-war 1v1 online battle arena where you rule kingdoms & build up armies to war for ever greater power. Balance resources, choose upgrade paths for buildings, champions & minions to gain advantages on the battlefield. Visit us, grab a chair and dive into the world of Primordials, become one of the supreme beings and battle your opponent for eternal dominance. Share your thoughts with our team and, of course, get your hands on some of the cool items we prepared for you!

Reboot InfoGamer 2019 will be open for 6 days, with an exhibition space of 20,000 m² in eight separate halls of the Zagreb Fair. You will be able to experience all the goodies from the gaming world. Meet YouTubers and Influencers, visit booths hosted by your favorite gaming and tech companies, play your favorite games and experience new ones for the first time!

We're proud to announce that GLOBAL DODO ENTERTAINMENT and WIREGAMES will attend this year’s Reboot InfoGamer in Zagreb to present their joint title Primordials of Amiryon.

Event starts: Tuesday, November 12th at 11:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Tue. 12 Nov. 10:00

Event ends: Sunday, November 17th at 21:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Sun. 17 Nov. 20:00

Getting there

Reboot Infogamers will take place in Zagrebački velesajam, Avenija Dubrovnik 15, Zagreb.

Our booth will be located in Hall 8a.

See you there!