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Playing and making games is what we love. Game making is our specialty. We are covering every step in that process starting from game design, pre-production phase, testing and releasing of the game. With us, the fun can never go extinct.


Production is the most important in game development. With us, you will get everything that you need for game making. From artists that make full artwork (3D models, animation...), programmers writing source codes, game designers creating game rules and levels of the game, sound engineers that develop sound effects, composers that develop music and writers creating dialogues and story behind the game.



If you need advice on any part of making software, game design, artwork or pure coding, our experts are here to give you solutions for your problems.



Art, 3D models, computer animations, UI/UX.



Most of our apps and games are developed in Unity for one or more platforms. C# is our main back-end language and for web apps front-end we use some of the new JS frameworks(React, VUE, angular).

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Latest News

You can now find Skull Port open Beta on Google Play. Direct link to Skull Port on Google Play:
For our first project, we decided to collaborate with 4HOGS games, another company with the passion for games equal to our own. They designed a board game Skull Port and after many hours of dice chucking, we decided to transport this engaging dice game from cardboard to screens worldwide.
Oh and also give it a little bit of GD Entertainment flair.

A few words

GD ENTERTAINMENT is an old dream that came to reality in 2018. As passionate gamers, we always had a dream to make video games. With our long lasting gaming experience came the knowledge of what games should look like and how they should be played to satisfy most of our beloved gaming nation.